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Tennis Forehand And The Role Of The Non-Dominant Arm

Here’s the full video of Grigor Dimitrov’s forehand in slow motion where you can observe what you just learned. Forehand = Arm Swing + Body Rotation. The biomechanical foundation of a tennis forehand stroke is the body rotation where the upper body stays firm/stabilized throughout the stroke. This provides the base off which we swing the arm.

ATP Pro Technique - Forehand - Correct Wrist & Arm Rotation ...

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Tennis Forehand Technique: Using the Left Arm

Surprisingly, the answer often lies in the left arm (your “off” arm). The left arm not only allows you to load and get ready for the shot, but also to accelerate the body to add speed. Check out the video now if you’re ready to add consistency and power to your forehand! What's Covered: Three steps to prepare, load, and rotate for the forehand.

Tennis Forehand Technique: Straight Arm vs Bent Arm | Pat ...

In tennis a straight arm forehand refers to the arm position of a player as he/she makes contact with the tennis ball. If a players arm has no bend at the elbow at contact point then it is considered a “straight arm forehand”.

Tennis Forehand Technique: Should Your Arm Be Straight At ...

Many tennis players are trying to straighten their arm on their forehand, which actually creates more tension. However, I think that it’s more important to be relaxed. Instead of physically making your arm go straight at contact on the forehand, you can create the “feeling” of having a straight arm.

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Tennis Tip - The Ideal Arm Position on the Forehand Volley ...

On the forehand volley it is very important to keep the elbow in front of the body and lay the wrist back to keep the body behind the ball. This arm positio...

Step 8 Forehand - Revolutionary Tennis

It has been written that your arm is supposed to simulate "a pendulum motion" during the forehand swing, as in you extend your arm as a unit downward and then swing up. That's okay if you're bowling, but in tennis the ball's up in the air and moving by you, and the arm has to quickly swing the racket and configure itself to absorb the ball's impact against it.

Movement Analysis: Tennis Forehand by Arianna Robin

Forehand swing requires a low center of gravity for stability. Base support is important, remember to always keep feet shoulder width apart. During moments of force, shoulder should be abducted. Dominant hand near base of handle for maximum force. Hand-eye coordination and impulse required.