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Put-n-Take: Put and Take Game Rules

Basics of the Game. Every one antes into the pot, then you take turns spinning the top and follow the directions for the side it lands on: "P1" - Put 1: The spinner puts (pays) 1 into the pot. "P2" - Put 2: The spinner puts (pays) 2 into the pot. "T1" - Take 1: The spinner takes (gets paid) 1 from the pot.


How to play 'Put & Take' with two 6-sided dice Number of players: any number All players contribute an equal amount of chips to the pot. The first player then rolls the 2 Put & Take dice. Depending on what shows on the top side of the dice, he either PUTS (P) or TAKES (T) from the pot as follows: - P 1/2/3: player puts 1/2/3 chips in the pot

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Put and Take Object of Put and Take. The object of Put and Take is to win money by not matching the dealer’s cards in the first round... Setup. Put and Take uses a standard 52-card deck of playing cards. Are you planning on playing with a deck of Denexa... Game play. The first half of the hand is ...


For "Put All" the player doubles the amount in the pot. If the spinner lands with "Take" side uppermost the player takes the amount indicated from the pot. For Take All the player takes the whole pot. The next player spins and the game goes on until somebody spins "Take All" and the game is re-started with a new Ante.

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Sides are labeled as follows: AP = all put, P1 = put 1, P2 = put 2, TA = take all, T1 = take 1, T2 = take 2, and star. The star can be used as an extra rule, for example, all take, take one from everyone one, everyone takes one from you, take half, put half, etc. Come up with your own new rules to make the game more fun."

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It’s original form was metal tops (usually brass) with 6 to 10 sides. The dice version, which originated in the 1940’s, is played with a Put and Take die (printed with 3 T’s and 3 P’s) and a number die (printed with 1-2-3-3-4-A). Players ante up a chip and then roll the dice. If a player gets a ‘P’ he puts a number of chips into the pot matching the number shown on the other die.

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Every one antes into the pot, then you take turns spinning the top. P1 stands for Pay meaning you put or pay into the pot. P2 however means instead of paying the pot you pay your friend - that being whoever the top is pointing at. T1 stands for Take meaning you take or get paid from the pot.

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If the players won one trick each and the other trick was tied, the hand was a draw and no points were scored - this was called "trick and tie". The hand was also tied without score if all three tricks were tied. The game was won by the first player to reach five points. The only form of betting was the put.