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European Handicap Explained | Meaning of 3-way handicap betting

The European handicap is offered as an alternative betting choice in an increasing number of matches, even among opponents who, theoretically, have the same chances of winning. In this case, the EH is not used to balance the strength difference, but to give more tempting odds to the prospective winner.

European Handicap Bet Explained | European Handicap Betting

With European Handicap, one of the two teams is given an advantage before the match starts, but there are still three possible outcomes – home win, draw and away win. There are no void bets or stake refunded here, but a simple calculation is done when the match ends, taking into account the handicap given before the match.

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European handicap in soccer betting. Russian bookmakers call the European handicap a handicap. You are betting on the handicap outcome. For example, P1 (0: 2), X (0: 1), P2 (3: 0) and so on. The bookmaker indicates the handicap and one of the three main outcomes.

European Handicap Betting Explained & Strategies | Mr Green

European Handicap explained . European Handicap betting can be referred to as spread betting or three-way handicap with three possible bets per event. You can choose to give a side a virtual head start or a deficit, which is then applied to the final score to work out the outcome of the bet.

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To do this, they will offer what is called a “ handicap bet (sometimes called the “ Single ...


Playing five aside back then as a kid in Nigeria, whenever the two side weren’t matched evenly, a goal advantage is usually given to the weaker team before kick-off. This goal advantage is what is called Handicap betting in football. So Handicap betting in football means to give the lesser team 1 or more goals advantage before kick-off. Example 1. Home v Away

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European handicap in soccer betting. The European handicap is recorded by the outcome taking into account the handicap: W1 (0: 2), X (0: 1), W2 (3: 0) and so on. The bet will play if the selection is entered taking into account the handicap. For example, in the Lyon - Marseille match you took W2 (0: 1). Add (1) to the result of guests.

Football Handicap betting explained: Odds & Tips

Handicap betting, also called “point betting,” or “line betting,” is used to even out the playing field between two teams who are not evenly matched. The bookmaker gives a virtual advantage to the weaker team, and a virtual disadvantage to the stronger side.